Research Methods on Gender, Poverty and the Informal Economy
The course aims to provide a structural analysis of the complex relationships between informality, gendered relations of power and poverty. It also provides researchers with an enhanced understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods on gender, poverty and the informal economy. This course will be an opportunity to discuss and debate on the ongoing issues in conceptualizing and measuring poverty, women empowerment and gender.
Course Director
Dr. Dhanya M. B.
Course Dates
Feb 27 - Mar 10
  • Develop sufficient understanding of research methods particularly, compares and contrasts analytical and methodological frameworks used in various studies related to gender, poverty and the informal economy.
  • Understand various concepts and theories related to gender, poverty and the informal economy research.
  • To learn an overview of qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Identify research gaps and propose directions for future work
Young teachers and researchers from universities, colleges/ research institutions and professionals from various institutions. For the welfare of vulnerable and
marginalized groups of the society, we will appreciate if participants from reserved categories (SC/ST/) are also nominated

Through lectures, discussions and interactive sessions.

Additional Resources
  • Dr. Dhanya M. B
    Course Director
    V. V. Giri National Labour Institute
    Sector-24, NOIDA- 201301
    Tel: No. 0120- 2411533-35,
    Fax No. 0120-2411474