Training for the month of February, 2017

Dr. Otojit Kshetrimayum

To develop an understanding of social protection and livelihood security for informal sector workers.

Date Feb 27th 2017 to Mar 3rd 2017
Course NEP
Dr. Dhanya M. B.

The course aims to provide a structural analysis of the complex relationships between informality, gendered relations of power and poverty. It also provides researchers with an enhanced understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods on gender, poverty and the informal economy. This course will be an opportunity to discuss and debate on the ongoing issues in conceptualizing and measuring poverty, women empowerment and gender.

Date Feb 27th 2017 to Mar 10th 2017
Course RMP
Dr. Dhanya M. B.

The aim of the programme is to familiarize the participants with the social protection programmes and to develop techniques and strategies for initiating micro-level livelihood programmes.

Date Feb 13th 2017 to Feb 17th 2017
Course CBP
Dr. Kingshuk Sarkar

The course provides an opportunity to the participants to go through a rigorous and interactive exercise on understanding various quantitative methods and tools in labour research. It aims at capacity building of young researchers in the area of quantitative research, giving special focus on labour studies.

Date Feb 13th 2017 to Feb 24th 2017
Course RMP
Dr. Sanjay Upadhyaya

The programme aims at equipping the participants with the context of labour legislation and recent Labour jurisprudence.

Date Feb 6th 2017 to Feb 10th 2017
Course IRP